October 09, 2011

KOREA TRIP 2011 pt1

So last wednesday [28th of Sep ], I had my 6days travel with a bunch of coursemates to Seoul. Of course, the trip is along with 2 lecturers around since it is a school field trip. This might sound abit 'formal' to you where the lecturers are like GUIDES and look out for us, but thankfully it doesnt happen that way. I love how the trip is being led, giving freedom to us and the tour guide is doing a good job managing the time, ppl and places we went.
Seoul, as you know a developed city with full of high-rises and koreans that have high fashion sense. haha. The word 'Korea' could make you think of Kimchi, Plastic Surgeries, K-Pop, or Korean Drama. Well, these were my preception too.

1st day of trip was started of with Nami's Island tour, accompanied with an unpleasent raining day. It was abit disappointing. Pants and shoes are wet while enjoying the nice scenery of the place. For ur information, the place is famous with a long linear path with two rows of trees aside. The famous 'Winter Sonata' was shooted here few years back. The place has alot of installments as well. I'll call it a romantic one.The next stop is War Museum of Korea. The Museum had a densed feeling to me. Everything is kinda dull, but then the things that exhibit inside were really amazing. Esp the Original jets and ships were displayed at the exterior space. Only 2 places in the itenery of the day. We went out have a pleasent walk around our hotel and had our dinner. We went Lotte for shopping, eating street food like rice cake.. hmm. the feeling was damn nice!

the second day was like a 'looking foward' day, i cant wait to explore more places in Seoul. Well the weather gets abit colder everday. Cecilia(tour guide) warned us to wear at least 2 layers. lol. 1st place we went was Bukchon village, another hotspot of movies and drama. A famous linear sloppy street with traditional houses of Korea, or we called it 'hanoks' arranged in order, and most of them have been renovated with different new styles. Alot of architecture elements that we couldnt see anywhere in Malaysia can be found here. After that, we went for a place called 'Sarangi' (if not mistaken) a cotemporary museum that demonstrates Korea cultures, Korea house of parliment, etc. Lots of interactions between the visitors and the 'exhibitions'. lol. Next destination was GyeongBokGung palace which totally stunning. You can see the massive scale of a palace, the King's and Queen's palace etc. Unlike the usual palace that covered with golds,emerald or anything that is expressive,super-rich-material, the Korean ancient King's palace was rather humble. They don't show off powers of wealth to classify themselve a higher class. Which is really something people these days should learn. The day continued with a visit to a high point and have a seek of Korea cityview! That was totally awesome. though i forgot the name of the place but it's really nice to sit on the rock, taking fresh air into the lungs and a warm sun shines on you. yeeeeha!

stay tunned for part2!

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