October 15, 2011

KOREA TRIP 2011 pt2

The weather is really cold now. Well, our 3rday started off with National Museum of Korea. The building was pretty huge. I did compared our Malaysia Muzium with theirs, hmm. what can i say. It's 2 or 3 times bigger than ours of course, the exhibitions in Korea Museum are pretty well managed. standards are quite big different. One of the interesting stuff that catches my attention in Korea Museum is about the Korea Buddha, where a slightly different compare with the usually buddha we saw. The feature is different, but of course the background and the story behind is still the same.

After the museum, we headed to Dongdaemun for more buildings. We went to Zaha Hadid's cultural park to see the construction process, as well as another museum located nearby. Next stop is a stunning place: the iconic building of korea, N seoul tower! The tower is nice, and the happenings there is really charming, lively and full of young energetic spirits.................At night, shopping spreee! :D

Hari keempat, I have adopted the weather and the place. Kinda. it's still cooling, relaxing and of course stressless. haha. same breakfast again, and the day started off with a visit to DooJin Hwang architect firm/residence. A contemporary designer as well as a fighter of heritage essence. He gave us a presentation of his work, n yea learnt a lot from him about his concept, his approaches to the new era. His favor quote of mine: 'YOU CAN START YOUR OWN TRADITION, AS LONG AS TRADITION IS NOT YOUR GOAL'. I was thinking whether to have intern with him next year. I think it would be cool to learn from him. The day continued with visits to chongmyo shrines, myongdung streets, Kring building and dongdaemun at night to buy sounvenirs~

Last day of visiting around Seoul. this time we went to Korea's folk village, and yea it's my favourite place of the trip. Unlike those boring, obsolete, old props you can see in Malaysia, Their traditional village is very happening. You can see, you can play, and you can interact. Nice scenery surrounding the area. Let the pics speak themselve to you. After all its really really nice place. Then after lunch, we visited the fortress of a Korea.

Very very last day of the trip, still the same breakfast, but the mood is start tunning back to Malaysia channel again. Before leaving this wonderful place, we had a visit to Cheongnyangni River. It's a green strategy of the city to turn a river into a nice place for functions and all. The river is super crystal clear. You can even see fishes around. Malaysia? Hell No. haha. After that, we went to a store that sells all the products that you might wanna grab for parents and friends. N lastly, back to Incheon Airport and prepare to leave the charming city behind :(

Well, this trip is totally inspiring, at last i could see how a developed country works. How the community of a civilised era behave. I would say its uncomparable to Malaysia. Im kinda miss the food and the people there. And grateful to have parent's support on the trip. Well then, anyeong Korea! Hope to see you back some time later!

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