January 17, 2013


Recently a huge trend of stylish cozy dining places rising up in Ipoh. This time i decided to get myself and Cheeyi to a new restaurant in town, the Jose & Deli Cafe.

The restaurant is actually a part of the French Hotel which is located next to the town's The Store (which was previously Ocean shopping complex). You need to take the stairs up to the 1st floor.

Once you have reached the restaurant, you will see a corner with a big lounge sofa, a featured beer bottles lamp and some goodies for sell. The restaurant's design tends to bring up the Western environment, with a little bit of combination of Seksan style ( yeap, the wire mesh and bricks )

You will be given a few options of dining settings here. Timber decking seem to be a dominant floor finishing, matching with the not-so-contemporary furnitures. A large linear windows on the right to invite daylighting into the space. I personally like the one at the large windows. It sort of giving me a feeling that i'm actually dining at some old English pancake cafes or something.

                         Mojito Mint Soda - RM14.00                                         Cafe Latte - RM 11.00

                                 White Wine Grilled Fish - lunch set comes with desserts ( RM19.00)

The dish was quite delicious, i would said. But a little lack of surprise. Or is it just me that being demanding? haha. Anyway the mojito mint soda is impressive. A very refreshing yet cooling beverage, simply cools the afternoon's heatwave. Cheeyi were saying their desserts have quite a good reputation as well. 

Here's some other shots of the interior aesthetics 

They sell some interesting merchandise of bags, decor stuffs, cushions, tableware, candles and whatnot. Ladies would definitely love it. 

60-62, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar
30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Operation hour: 8.00am- 10.00pm
Tel- 05-2413712

rating: 8/10
p/s: friendly workers, jazz music masked all over.

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