January 13, 2013


A great day to get ourself out from home, go under the sun, and blend with some greens. This time we plan to visit the one's ipoh tourist attraction, a well-known castle in state. I was quite eager to visit Kellie's Castle and shoot some nice photos of it. Simple because of architecture. haha.

As expected, Kellie's Castle is stunning with its authentic Madras style of architecture. The building was designed by William Kellie Smith, a Scottish that was fascinated in Hindu religion and Indian culture. The bricks and tiles of the castle were imported from India. 

Architectural values 
It was an ambitious project by Kellie. During the 1900s, it was first in Malaya to have an elevator all the way up to the top floors. Two tunnels are constructed for Kellie and his family to access to the nearest Hindu temple which was also built by Kellie. Indoor tennis courtyard (impressive) is plan on the second floor, and an open rooftop courtyard for parties and gathering. 

horse stables

kitchen area 
elevator core
access to basement
cut out texture. on a brick wall!

ventilation window for rooms underneath, with an incomplete tennis court as roof. 

I was quite impressed by this expressive structure. Although the layout was a little bit confusing, but all the rooms are spacious and well ventilated. I do feel the spirit of power and love from it. 

And yes, in such charming and lovely place it was common to find a bunch of model shooting gangs and couple hanging around Kellie's mansion. Not to mention these lovely fellas. :) 

 Unfortunately, Kellie's Castle was not completed due to a flu tragedy that was triggered after World War I,  which had killed numbers of Indian labors that were helped in the construction of Kellie's dream.

That's William Kellie Smith. The charming man behind the castle's tales. It was said that the castle was a proposal to her wife Agnes, asking her to come over and live in Malaya. Some were also said that the castle was built to celebrate his son, Anthony's birth.

It was unfortunate to have those tunnel closed for security purposes. If not it would be an exciting exploration and guts training activity. The building was in fact cooling even with the strong afternoon sun. Oh, we discovered a mysterious footprint on the concrete. That was scary because of the size O.O . Another interesting part of the landscape was the 'bear tree'.

You should go and experience yourself. 

Operating hours:
Monday to Sunday- 9.00am - 6.00pm
Foreign Tourist -RM 5.00
Local Tourist    -RM 4.00
Student            -RM 3.00
OKU              - Free


Anonymous said...

do they have a plan for the castle?

TuCK leong said...

Sorry man i don't

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