May 20, 2013


18 and 19 May of 2013, the meaningful coincidence of happiness just taken its part of my life. The days that full of great joy; where people were sending their greetings and wishes to me, waterfall posts on facebook wall and numerous sms from friends and relatives. A big thank you to all of you once again.

my degree convocation was really exciting. A grand, big and memorable event that may not happened to everyone, I'm glad that i had one. Looking at mum's and dad's delightful joy just made everything even more meaningful. Standing tall, wearing convocation robe and hat, went up on stage and shake hands with Counsellor, i hope I have made them proud. 

Somehow, i metaphor myself as an investment, something equivalent to a share or a bond. Dad invested his money on me, and he got his first dividend that day. Of course, it was a dear investment and time consuming shit. Dragging yet non-guaranteed success. But dad n mum still trusted me and putting faith on me, and be my long term shareholders. I'm a lucky boy, like i could own the world and excel to the universe, which the energy sources are installed with bottomless loves. Mum, Dad, u both deserved everything from me. 

Next, they are my friends that really worth mentioning here. Those who had come to share the joyful moment, despite the fact of distance, time and killing hot weather. Deric offered his accommodation, n celebrated my birthday eve with a bucket of beers n a piece of roti canai. Piyao made herself appeared in my convo even though she had to take a taxi. She offered to be my photographer right up to i have returned my robe and certificate. Christina and Kevinder showed up to surprise me, together we chat a lot and had lunch. Chee Yi, paying her returns from my visit to her convo with 2 presents, spreading her positive aura to me like she always do. Unfortunately, some of my important friends and bros couldn't make it. It was a little disappointed though.

Classmates were looking real good, each and everyone one of them. Everyone was smartly dressed, sharing their big day with family and friends. Guess that's what is all about, and it was certainly something we would love to see. It may be the last time we see and talk to each other, which we called ourselves as Taylorians. Too bad that some of our classmates who joined us after their diploma were not able to join the convo, and lecturers were not there to take picture with us.

My birthday was blessed. There is no big party, no club dancing or hangovers, but simple family dinner. We went back to the restaurant that we used to dine a lot in the past, the boss didnt able to recognize us already haha. Cakes, red eggs, are always there for the birthday budaks in our family. Little things but cheering. Leong's way to embrace me.

That's all about the combos. I know life is short, so happiness is what to make it worth living. I love you guys, that gave positives impact (well sometimes negative too haha) to me from time to time. Lets see what future awaits me. Big plans to come!

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