November 30, 2009

IPoHh lang =Part 1= (lydia's farewell)

Ahh it seems long time haven update everyone about my life recently. Well, holidays should be great leh.. But somehow for me is kinda.. weird i think.

Mm so lets starts from last Thursday:
Today is a busy day. Many things need to be settled before going back Ipoh. TmNet stuff, buy present, bills, etc.. n oso, my 1st laser surgery in life. Thats Ranjit Singh specialist in subang jaya. I wasnt that relax as it mentions in some websites. when it hits your skin, you can really feel like kena shoot by the laser n sort of electric shock on the skin.. Pain, itchy, tinkelish. Oh well, hope this big money will really cure my skin better.
This was my last time to spend time with the housemates, esp Xiarn who always called me Xifu since from the very beginning. Now no more people calling me tat way. Miss you wei! Haha. Went pool with him n Jo Ee and then Xiarn planned to go for a haircut. When we reached peak-a-boo. It was just closed buahaha. he was so disppointed. After that we go n queue in the cinema to buy tickets for Astro boy. *With the astro pose on* We went Carls Junior for dinner before going into the cinema.

Friday :
It was my last day in Subang, is going back to Ipoh for the long holidays. No longer staying in ss15/6A No.87 after today. So like, crazily packing and busy watching TVB drama. Haha.. Gong Sum Gei. Yes it is nice.
Well, in the afternoon been to LCCT to send the indo monkey back to her forest. It was my 1st time going there oso. SOmething bad happened when Wenda said he had no car for the day since his mum went to cousin wedding with his car. So im like.. wth? No choice but have to take a cab. N u know what? Cab is like super expensive. Go n back is like almost RM150. Can u believe it? I can buy a polo T already. haha.. but it's worth la, since is last time to see her dy. But too bad nobody can fetch me go.. sad..

That's LCCT. Looks big right.

At nite im still packing like nobody business yet feel so exhausted. Imagine to pack everything by urself without any help from frens like last time, clothes, stationary, notes, books, accessories, fittings, bags, healthcare products, kitchen stuff, is like a bunch of things need to pack n depack after going back ipoh. Parents and brothers came like 11pm and have their supper at AC. After that only we back Ipoh n reached like about 3am..

The photo cant show how big it is. Big pile wei ><

These coffee tin were collected in my room for somedays. the purpose it to calculate how many coffee had i consumed since i moved to here. haha.. guess what? It's 106 can.

It's like.. wow. Need to depack everything again. Im like, get the hell out of me X(. No choice but get to work. XD


♠ L.y.d.i.a ♥--๑•ิ.•ั๑ said...

Hey hey..thanks for ur gift that day..and also ur presence in the airport that's a really nice and thoughtful of you..^^

Now only I got time to actually browse the net peacefully, because the connection here sucks and my mum always wander in front of the laptop to check her farm, aquarium, and cafe in fb.. ><

I just wonder, how come no insects or ants come to ur coffee can

[ 梁贤德 YeanTuck ] said...

haha.. maybe the ants family cannot come in since is so small n stuffy. Haha.. n oso coffee dried dy nothing for them to carry gua.. haha..
welcome la.. i should prepare more present since 3 in 1.. hope u like the present la since is your same family XD..
so how u gonna celebrate christmas?

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