February 17, 2010


Had a lovely Reunion Dinner this year at Dong Hoi, aka east sea restaurant.

well, this year was quite a late dinner since it started at 9pm. N we reached there like 9.10pn haha! Actually paiseh to say, everyone was waiting for us. Haha.. we r always the late ppl... typical msian mah. haha.
This year have fewer ppl attenting the dinner. My eldest auntie's family wasnt here as they went to outstation.

For attire part, i wore some formal shirt that i bought last year, but i never wear before. So it's still considered as new right. haha.. my style was kinda simple, my hair was so long n black spec make me like so qute. HAha.. they said im getting more fat. what the hell ><

Lau Seng.. Everyone must 'lau' together to have a good year

One of the dish, japanese style chicken with raisin.

Unfortunately this year the dishes was not that good, which not worth what we actually paid for. Esp the desert, they just simply give some longan n thats it..

After that.. we, as my own family go here n there to see the aura of cny. kinda cool too..
All my brother came to my house at the middle of the night to gamble n singk .. haha.. they r such late cats. But im very happy to see them n enjoy with them until so late. Haha
Oh well, that's the last time i see wynsheng before he went to aus. Take k man. Do ur very best in studies. Take good care of urself yea.
I slept at 4am and have to wake up at 6.30am to pack n go langkawi! HAPY CNY! :)

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