February 04, 2010


6.20am... ding ding ding ding!!
Some funny sound alerted the sleeping beauty to get up.
Ready to get myself to subang. The little brother was waking up early today too. 1st time in the year he wakes up automatically..
Mother wake up early too to fetch me to the bus terminal here. Today was quite a well planned. I ride on the bus at 7.30 morning, thanks to the tortise bus i reached kl ktm at 10.00am.. N the ktm there r like gary too. Came late.
So i reached KL Sentral like 10.20am, quickly pick something for breakfast, then go look for taxi there. Not sure what im doing, i bought a ticket of ktm of going back ipoh at 6pm. just in case i couldnt make it for the taxi from Mr.Foo at 1pm.
As so, i ride on the taxi to Taylors main campus.
While i reached there, it's like full with ants arround the area of the college. So many students coming out from guardhouse. Oh, it's break.
I quickly jump out from the taxi and go to alevel office. Oh gosh, the weather is like microwave. I feel so damn bad.. Luckily there are strong aircond in the office.
So i got the big envelope from a malay lady.. i wasnt know there r attendance cert too.

That's the envelope. Certs r inside with some flyers ><.. really sweat.

Mission done here. Next stop is to Lakeside campus at puchong. Quickly ran to the taxi stand in front of Mcds n once again. HOT LIKE HELL!!!!!! Even the taxi is hot because the engin wasnt on until i ride on it. N the stupid indian driver. RM15!!! argh he is nothing like a robber i tell u.

No choice but to take it since i cant stand the hot anymore.. But it's fast to reach the destiny. Once again, i walk fast to student central ofor the aircond. haha..
Then, i found the counter n ask for the scholarship applications. I thought to have the interview on the spot but she told me it will be later on. So i just gave them my form n cert n result. They said they will call me later to DATE me. haha

Thought to enrol myself but maybe next time. Cos i just dont feeling well. Nvm la.. But one thing for sure, i was surprised by the taxi-s inside the campus. haha.. so like ready-to-serve u. But it's good anywhere. Cos it's lower fees. RM6 only to Sunway Pyramid..

Planned to have a shopping spree at first. But really, i cant do it.. Haiz. ANYWAY! i spotted a nice sweater at TopMan. but is 200hundred plus .. still thinking should i buy it ornot..Then paid a visit to Popular n bought a non friction chinese novel. Duno why just feel like reading it. Really. haha. To be a better person.
After all this the clock strikes 12.35pm. I planned to buy KrispyKreme donuts for family to have a try of it.. there r promotion of donuts. I got myself a hot americano n enjoying my free donut there. They r giving 1 free donut after i bought a dozen of original glazed :0


The taxi driver came about 1.30pm. Cant believe that i sat there for an hour.. N reached Ipoh like about 4pm.

Just feel like sharing this ''IPOH'' thingy will u all. Do u noe, each alphabet cost the government 10k? It's so..... oh my god right.. pity to the tax payers.

So thats all about the day.. went outside for a family dinner with parents siblings just now. The food there was not good like last time already ..
Well, good to know they like Krispy Kreme too! hehe

A day with some hopes n worries. I really pray hard to get a healthy body

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