February 08, 2010


Last Saturday was my dad's company annual dinner. If it's direct translate,

收工酒 aka 'end work dinner'

The dinner was held in Kei Quai Seafood Restaurant in Sunway City Ipoh. He invited all his frens, business partners, employees and family members to the dinner. For me, it's like the son n the clerk. haha.~
Well, it's not a very good dinner for me. thanks to the health problem as i cant eat everything on the table. Espcially, the shark fin soup. >< damn sad wei..

Thats two of the dishes of the dinner that nite. That's the first time the boyfrens of my sis attended too. It's like.. 9 ppl on 1 table. One more.. is blanked. for the future gf i supposed? XD

Well.. it's overally ok la.. at least i dont get too bad conditions at that moment. Too bad, i cant even touch beer. >< haha.. Tea n 100 Plus only!

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