February 28, 2010

University-Engin get Started!

Anyeong haseyo! Sorry guys for not updating the blog for so long haha.. Just dont feel like spending time writting when i was at home, n i dont have the connection at my new room to online X(
Well, being an uni student is just nothing special or .. u know, typical malaysian student. Just the thing is that i had more time being alone, or as in independent? yea, probably the uni life is like that. Student always get themselve alone. Haha. Not bad la for me, at least i got some new frens who linked here. Tse Lik is here too..
Yea we r sticking together for now, is like as a group la. Cos we r from different places. Yvonne from Wangsa Maju, Mainur from.. other country, SoonChern from Penang .. etc.
So the campus here, LCS was not that good. We have to be here like 3months before we move to Lakeside Campus. this place is fulled with foreign workers, n the building is damn hot. Gosh
Well everything is moving on smoothly, except for my god damn health la. It came back like last thursday. I feel so bad to have this condition now. But still, my fren seems they can accept it. I feel ok la. Just it's God gift. As i cant scold anyone. Well, hopefully i can get a better condition soon!
Saying Hi To Uni Life !
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