October 18, 2010


Today is kinda grey for me.. from colorful day to a grey mood :c
Well.. Sorry guys 4 not updating the blog for so long. Dunno why, currently im like losing the spirit to blog. Even there's free time, i wont have just come and check out the chat box and comments. Dont really feel like typing words.
Im here to share the happenings to you guys once again.. well.. probably is about my assignment i think.Today, was a submission of Studio2 interim of 3 assignment for the Hikers Club. It was a first time to be presented to the new lecturer. (Ah-mo-lang). He is really new to me and i dont really know what's in his mind compare to the usual lecturers.
Well my presentation is good i think. I talk with proper english which is without the ah- la- thingy. (i was so a sudden lol) N he understand what i said as well. Well, after i have explained everything, he started to "CRITIC" my design. He stated some points which i think it's right, and some which himself also 50:50 wan.. From his expression i could tell he wasnt that impressed by my geodesic model. He asked alot questions and the same to me. I asked him alot also.
After all, he ended his comments with a 'GOOD JOB'. I dont think it is that sincere anywhere.
I can sense some dissatisfaction from his face. That's what makes me feel bad i think.
I really do feel kinda disappointed. I dont expect he could like 's0-s0' kinda mood. Isit my hardwork not really in a good path? or isit my geodesic is too challenging? Well, i admit it was a hard wan. which i wanted to challenge myself. It's hard to build something 3D which in ellipse form. haizSomehow, my spirit was just got shaken.
How? I would ask myself.
I think..
WORK HARDER gua.. do more n more n more things. n make everything perfect :)
Towards completion of sketch model-EYE OF THE HILLS
The final sketch model-kinda disappointed

It was just a brief presentation n sketches of idea anyway.
Must work harder in final presentation

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