October 11, 2010


Hi bloggie! It's been so so long to update you. even the September is gone in speed and i've not been updating my current life to u guys. N what? It's already 11th of October..

As u n me been busying, is kinda full with loads of works and personal stuff going on. Those days which u will always worry about money spending, assignment due dates, payment for bills, etc.. same as me though. And seems like there are lost of feelings of blogging sometime even when u're free. U may think u should use the free time to rest and sleep instead.
So, all this is happening to me. Just like no other ordinary stud.
Well.. hopping happiness will come soonest. Since i have my health pink recently. So happy for it.

Really blank in my brain to blog, have to continue my assignment dy. See u guys!

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