October 22, 2010


YEAAH! It's Ipoh time!

It's always happy to say it out loud, yes im going back Ipoh this weekend. *Good Mood*
It's a time where all the sadness and stressful life in Taylors are left behind, bringing back the light shoulder and a big smile on my face :)
Frankly, every time when i m on my way back to my hometown, i will like anticipate and to think something is waiting for me there, something which is positive.. Haha.. weirdo? NO. It's the feeling of going back HOME i guess..

Well, things are going smooth recently. Life, Studies, even my Health is in good condition temporaily(i hope it could last longer).. So literally im in a good mood everyday! Haha.. but last nite, when me n Clarisse were doing our work in studio, coincidently i stepped on a pin which is on the floor.. luckily it sticked on the thick skin of the foot, even though it's not too pain but it bleeds. We believed in KARMA! seriously...

haha.. life's will be perfect only if the good condition is maintained. i wonder..

Oyea.. regards to the AH MO LANG post, i got my result for this interim. It's a B+ . Satisfied though. Cos i know what im lacking, and i will do it well in my finals!

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