December 08, 2010


This was the 2nd mouse i bought in the row. LOL really wtf for the previous mouse. Haha search my post of gadget that i recommended last time. It is now abit retarded where sometimes it works but sometimes not. Quite a waste but what to do? Maybe i played too much DOTA with iti guess? Keep on clicking clicking n clicking..haha

I was at Popular bookstore today and suddenly discovered this lovely mouse.

cost: RM29.90 with 20% rebate
store: any POPULAR outlets

you will get....

to scale

It attracted me with it's super nice leather texture.. there r few colours to choose, including this coffee, and black as well.
Well after trying it i think it is same efficient as the previous one. The size is more or less the same, but this is thicker. Since the USB cable is actually with adjustable length, might causing some lagging i guess?

The dearer the better? NoT REALLY! LOL

Just some awesome stuff out there to share with u guys !

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