December 31, 2010


The last day of 2010?
Let's have a resolution for the brand new year.. What you think?
New year is coming in 2hours time. I'm now inside my friends car summing up my feelings and thoughts.
Well, for 2010 the 1st thing to do is keeping myself a good diet probably? I've been living in a very unbalanced schedule and messy diet. These had became a threat for my health. Yet i got obessed. Obviously!! Thats why im limiting myself with fast food. This is an important 'first step'.

Others might be going for gym, DRINK LESS COFFEE (nvr succeed) and also improve myself in terms of personality and behaviour. No doubt i can sense the changes ever since i came into Architecture industry. Even as a student, it's stress, lonely, and sometimes hot tempered. As i becoming someone who is easily mad, and lost control in everything. So i think, it's time for me to learn how to control and right not fixing it.

Well that's my pretty simplified resolution.. haha.. anyway
HELLO 2011!

*off for celebration*

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