December 25, 2010


Ho!Ho!Ho! How's your holiday been going? Holy night, always a big smile on everyone's face!
:D :D :D:D :D
Spending time with your besties is the best damn thing to do during christmas and countdown. Well i used to have a so-called wonderful 'EHY! gang' to be with everytime when it reaches the part of christmas joy. We used to go trip and have fun, that's the time when all of us are free to gather and blow water as puas as we could!So here we go, Singapore!!

22nd Dec

We were gathered at the ipoh bus company about 9.30pm. 1-1-1-1-1... FeiFai is the last one to arrive!(was buying us food) The bus was late and we managed to ride on the bus about 10.10pm. GGS were not with us but the next day.. FFG wo! After the 6hours freezing bus ride we reached custom about 5.30am and reaches Singapore about 6am. I was like frozen inside the bus since im under med yet everything went on smoothly :)

23rd DecLet's start from the Singapore kastam. As usual we used to prank a lot anytime anywhere. DMS has been our target since he is going on trouble if he is found with DaiMa!
So we were led by Loon all the way to his campus. We took a NTU tour, pretty well covered 50% of the campus. Expectedly, impressive! The campus brought me an image of UM but a better version of course.
Had lunch, took shower, and ready to have a cycling blast!
We took MRT as well to east-coast park, hearsay the place was a sea and has now became a step-on land. We ate sienzz MCD dinner there, and someone bought $8 burger. HAHA
As so we had lotsa fun cycling arround Singapore. We went Gelang, Marina Bay, etc.
A satisfied day but tiring. :D

24th Dec
Hmm just gonna simplify all the stuff we did. Seems the post is so long! HAHA
Finally GGS and GGB were here with us.
We went : Orchad Road, Bugis Steet, then countdown at Vivo city. Toi YeeVoon joined us at Bugis straight until finished countdown. Found something from her in a shock way though.
What we did during countdown? Guess it we played Mafia. LOL
Well, that's a day that simply waving my heart with those branded stuff at Orchad road. Not to be missed are those decorations for Christmas.. simply gorgeous. Unlike Malaysia, we cant see that stuff in the country, how sad.
A playful night. Too bad MunHan was staying all the time at NTU. his leg was too painful to continue the journey today.

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