December 30, 2010


25th Dec

CHRISTMAS DAY!! Mun Han finally able to join us back. N now the gang is finally in complete counts. We went Marina Bay again to explore more about the place.
Mostly we took alot a picture. esp MERLION the singa-laut. how could we missed it? A genius-loci of Singapore, n yes im pretty well impressed. :) :D
We had kinda more relaxing day compared to the previous days which is too rush for everything. We chilled, makan super sweet pop-corn, Mos Burger, etc. N now our Mafia game mood is going up high! XD

26th Dec
Last day for touring. Lastly we went Sentosa Island all day long!
We went almost all the places. But sadly we cant go to the beach and to the show 'Song of sea' since the place started raining after we came out from Desperado. KFC for dinner. (watt fast food again :( ) After that we went to have
a look at Resort World hotel, Casino, USS, etc. lastly, the climax of the day is the Crane dance show at night. It's totally incredible!! i never see something like that before. I was really impressed by this high-tech show and it's free of charge! A big memorable thing in Singapore though..

27th Dec

Lastly we r heading back to Ipoh. We went Golden Complex for our bus.
GGS left us behind since he is gonna stay 1 more day at SG.
Big fat full-stop for the trip.

What a superb trip with the Bros!!
From KL-Penang-Bukit Merah and now Singapore. Too bad that we left Burger behind since he couldnt take a leave from his internship. Anyway, i appreciated everyone's effort to make the trip a success. A big Thank You for u guys.
I'm pretty sure we r gonna continue this annual trip every year, since this's the time we gather, have fun and share our life with the precious friend in life.


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