January 21, 2011


Another usual friday with kind of stress-dropped feeling since most of the assignments for measured drawing are done. Excited! Well was planned to go for a walk in shopping mall but postponed it to tomorow. So for tonight will be a sensation of food in SS15!
Ajak PiYao to join since she is arround. We were craving for nice food before going Snowflake. So we found Bentoya n yes we're gonna have that for dinner!
quite a simple&nice concept for the interior

ms.Tan Pi Yao. haha

I forgot the name of my bento but it's a combination of rice-salad chicken-kimchi-vege-dumpling and green tea. The food it's fine but not really outstanding. N the price for my bento is about Rm15.90.

Finally, we r now settled down inside Snowflake and ready for the snow snow snow desert!
Crowded like sxxx wei
flakies: soya ice series vs grass jelly series.
SOYA ICE SERIES with Sweet Potato, Barley, and Pearl

Yea everytime when i eat this, i just cant stop praising the delicious dessert here. Healthy, yummy, unique.... so n so......
But still, i was complaining about the dessert is kinda too filling. especially those series with bunch of ice and topping. My gang n i were discussing about opening a business of ourself n this came across our mind. "snowflake has its qualities to be developed"
anyway,SCREAM for desserts!

N yes. it's so happy to eat these food in subang. Sometimes i just couldnt tell what to eat inside campus.A great outing with piyao. next stop: Tmr's 1utama outing wohoo!
(piyao 1st try out on dslr XD)

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