January 23, 2011


It's been a great day hanging out with all family members and mum's side relatives. We had a great day gathered along and spent time in KL.

Well that's a reason that brought my family all the way from Ipoh to KL for a day. My uncle-my mum's elder bro-my Popo's eldest son had passed away last year december. N This is the day of 4th(if not mistaken) for us to pray him at the temple arround Ampang.

I really wish something like this wont happen again and i have to see my mum tears and being so worried that grandma couldnt overcome such shocking news. But all these have been passed, and all of us r ok now. Just we need to spend more time with grandma by avoiding her loneliness in KL.
Back to the story of the day, after spending some time in the temple: praying-settling payment stuff-so n so, I'm glad to see grandma was in good mood n ready to hangout with us all day long. She is cool. :)Well my cousin was leading the way for lunch. He took a big round around KL's busy street. I was wondering whether he did that on purpose or? haha. At last he brought us to Central Market, left our cars there, n walked to Petaling Street.
At first i was like what? Petaling street for family's gathering? Sounded weird right. It's so hot yet crowded. We used to go there only too seek for imitated goods. But who knows there is a placed to eat, n yes, with air-cond. :)

Thats the restaurant. We need to climb 3floors up to have our seat. abit dot.dot.dot...
Hmm this shop is quite famous with its hokkien mee. I could see some photos taken by the owner with celebrities. Which means, nice food. haha.
Finally, food are here. Just taken one of em which is the famous dish- DAI LOK MEE. Looks okok only. taste okok oso. it's good but not outstanding i would say. But for KL, it's considered as above average.

View from the restaurant- Petaling street's T junction


My granny-the tough woman

Group photo of the day. Eveyone's getting tall n i m growing old!

After the super-full meal we took a light shopping arround the street. We bought some delicious durian pastries, n they are really nice! Mum bought some 'good-luck' plant for cny. so called-
风信子(风调雨顺-顺风顺水). Nice right?

Found some pretty roses there. There are so elegant and beautiful. Just like someone.

We went back Cheras and had dinner before going back to Ipoh. Auntie Forng dropped me at Taylor's before going back Rawang. N she quoted something that kept inside my heart. N i will do it. Hmm what a day right? This was such a good day to spent with the people u have no boundaries with. Like i said, family. warmest thing on earth. U could never found any other things like that. I appreciate it alot. N Leong Family, love yea! :)

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