January 09, 2011


It's January. JANUARY. a new start of everything.
What kind of feeling you have for now?

'RELOCATING' will be my answer. Relocating my position in the aspect of frens, studies, and quite alot of stuff in this starting point. Can't imagine that someone that is important in my bro list is actually so fragile to stand even a fight with me. I have tried fixing our problem but seem he is not interested and try to avoid whatsoever he thought is true.
Fine. I will just wait and see what u gonna do while we r gather in group.

Crap. Seriously nothing in the world remains unchanged. changes can happened in seconds. No matter what happens, i just hope that i can stand all of them with a smile on the face, and yes, im trying hard here.

So do u guys. Have a great year ahead. Resolve urself if can!


Lawrence said...

Same situation here now.. Wish you good luck and do trust yourself.. ^^

TuCK said...

Thanx man.. Seems that my problem is getting better now. Just hope that everyone can handle this problem.. Be optimistic ba fren

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