January 18, 2011


Has been awhile from the last post. How u guys doing?
Currently im sitting in my room, enjoying every breeze from the aircond and typing in front of the laptop screen.
These days are kinda packed for me in university. Yea almost everyday i have spent my time in my studio, keep on learning as well as working on autocad. The process its challenging and fun. I would have never enjoyed it without the seniors arround me giving guidance and help us to get the work done. No doubt i've learnt alot in these semester. N yet, have fun with them XD

Hmm. something not really happy to share here. Well it's not really that bad but still, my self-esteem kinda like wavy. I got a grade of my sketches lower than what i've expected. Hmm n if, to compare with others im just can do it better as it should be. Learnt my lesson though. Just letting u guys know im not gonna let my guts down, HAHA!

FELIXON SAWING- yes im introducing you!
If you were my facebook friend, u might see this guy spamming on my wall almost everyday. Haha! Actually, he is my kinda new buddy in Taylors. Freshy of Architecture life. We both met just a week ago from another fren of us, n seems like we can have endless topics and talk almost everything right until late night. Such a short period of time and we can be so closed. Yes, i think it's incredible. Maybe im friendly? haha.. or should i say single man like me needs a bud to share the life with before my Lady god appears one more time.

Time's passing fast.
Another week to go for the end of semester. Can't wait for the long holiday! :D

1..2...3..4.. gonna take a super-morning bus to KL later. bye guys.


稻草人 said...

am i the 1st who read this? =)

TuCK said...

HAHA.. maybe? Wow u got blog? nver tell oso XD

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