July 07, 2012



seriously i have left the blog untouched for a month. The last post was just a, some people call it SIP ZHOU LA in cantonese.

Well, the 1st thing i want to share is that, Im mentally healing now. I feel the revival of spirit, the feeling of getting pumped up is back. This is the good thing, well at least something is getting better it seem. I have to take, unfortunately, steroids to make this possible. Such a pathetic move to make something better, with something bad. I think u got what i mean do you?

Life was really really bad for the past few weeks. The feeling was terrible, the body was week, neither the mind was working like it should. Piles of work were done, submissions, sleepless nights, just like any other days from the previous semesters. I have stopped controlling my food range: so to speak im eating what i want to eat again. Haha! Probably i will change back to diet life when im having sem break, but for now, i think i need my favourite food to make me energized.

Back to the miserable feelings, i did mentioned i wanted to commit suicide just because i cant cope the illness anymore. N some part of my body has been destroyed physically just because of the illness. This have change the way i see myself. I think. I am not sure how others will put their eyes on me, but i hope things will be going better and better when the time goes on. However, steroid's side effects are my biggest concern at the moment.

I wanted to thank my mummy n daddy for putting their efforts on finding me a Cure. They had been trying endlessly, and i can see their tiredness too. I know how they feel on me. sincerely. I may be a burden to them, i will try making everything at its best. Thanks to friends that share my stress with me. U guys are always awesome.

Dear God, Thanks for making me feel better this week. I know u did hear my suffer and my pain. I pray once again, hoping for ur kindness to take away my skin illness. Amitabha.

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