July 30, 2012


The title probably gives you an idea of  what im going to talk about in this post. Time is running too fast. It never waited anyone to catch up. It just keep going on and on and people leave. 

Well, last Sunday was a shock to me. It was a greatful morning woking up with a fully charged body and mind since i'm free from work. I was actually woke by a call from my mum. I picked up and talk awhile with her. She was asking about when Im going home and to bring back my grandma, then later on she brought up the news about my dog, Whiggie. She said they were sending him to the veterinarian on Friday due to his health issue, and Whiggie was not eating for a few days. She continued, saying that Whiggie had just passed away in the veterinarian clinic. I was literally stunned, and asked her whether she was being serious. I know Im calm but yet this had sadden me for the day. She said Whiggie's health can't be cure due to his age, and he would be better to free from the pain by injection. This is how they usually treat sicken old animal. To be frank, I hate this act but it probably the best we can do to cut down Whiggie's pain.

My mind started to refresh all my memories with Whiggie right after i hung up the call. From the 1st day he came to our family he was just a puppy with a tiny little body. Adorable faces, with super cute pose and hyper-active attitude that have brought happiness and fun to the Leongs. I was just a 15 naughty little boy, pretty close with Whiggie that time ( i bet im the closest one int he family). We had fun together going jogging, cycling and playing. He likes following me behind just in case he got lost. Hmm. a smart and obediant doggie. Still remember that he was once fell into the drain somewhere outside our house when he tried to cross over it. But he quickly went up and jumped all around the place again. Such a wonderful brave dog.

As i was growing up, i started to leave home more frequently, friends outing to go, club stuff, leaving home for college, and now university. I never know he grew old that fast and i sort of putting him aside like a stranger. I did regret that i have never spent more than 30mins with Whiggie again. I always wanted to but i didnt do it. Sometimes just because my health i couldnt be touching you for long. Everything is just too late. He is an old dog now, n he left us even without saying goodbye. I know he is now in heaven and I hope you know that I still love you, Whiggie. You are one of the best pet of our family, and may God bless your soul. We will always remember you.

Camille, me and my mei
Another terrible news is that my mei's sister,Camille Ong had just passed away last week due to brain stroke. I wasn't really know her well but we used to have dinner last May for my birthday. She was in comma for a week in GH, but she couldnt make it thru. She used to be my mei's closest sibling and I know it must be really painful to lose her. She is just 29years old. Hope God will bless her soul, and mei, hope that you can stay strong and pick up feelings fast. I'm sure that she will love to see you smile again and live well.

Life once again, proven to be fragile and weak. Hope you guys do express your love to your family and people you care about when they are still around you.


cheeyi said...

when i read this post, it reminds me of her. and it is already a week, why.?

TuCK said...

Nvm mei, life is very unpredictable we all know. The most important thing that u should do now is to live up yr life the best u can. I know u will

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