March 16, 2009


This is what an inferior good gave me.
Last Sunday, i were in the KTM going back to Subang from KL..
Surprisingly, saw MeiSan came in from Kl Sentral. She said that was the 1st time for her taking ktm back to Subang. She carried two big bags walked towards my direction. The 1st sight i really cannot recognised her at all. She changed alot. Prettier. HAHA!
Unfortunately, we have a very very bad experience given by that idiotic KTM.
Two of us were so happy seeing the train almost reached to our station. Suddenly, the whole train stopped with the lights off as well. All ppl in the train were trapped and what worsen the condition was, no air-cond inside.
Me n DanSan pray hard hoping the train can run as fast as possible. After 1 hour gone. We sweat alot and we made a decision: left the train by jumping out to the ground from the opened-door. It was not a good idea, as the rain started falling, thunder striking everywhere..
We both poor little thing walk under the rain n walking towards to the nearest road. Wet body, windy weather made us feel wanna die .
However, what i gain from this experience is, me n dansan have a closer relationship. I really unaccipate this whould happened on that day. The whole day i gave to this stupid journey and when i reached home is already 6pm.

So the conclusion is,


Anonymous said...

wat a memorable experience it is...
so pity...
gt sick arnt walk in rain??
take k wo..
dnt fall sick ya...


MuNH@n said...

Walk under rain so romantic...

- y u A n - said...

god damn it
KTM is the worst ever public transport i've ever seen in the world.
TMD i've even missed the bloody train THREE TIMES IN A ROW in front of me at KL Sentral due to the super duper peak hour..
say FUCK to them please!

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