March 05, 2009


LOL.. dunno what neuron works adnormally again. Today after classes i was so so semangat to go n cut off all my hairs. Even the rain cannot stop my semangat. Haha..
Take bus.
Reach Sunway.
Went in Peak A Boo.
Waiting to be served.
As usual, that pretty little girl came and wash my hair. Well, is damn relaxing ehy.. guys will like it i guarantee.HAHA
My hair stylist, Anson came and start looking at my hair and give some comments n suggestions. He gave me a book and ask me see which hairstyle i want to have. Without hesitation i quickly pick a short short one. Then he started to cut lol.. Watching the process of turning long to short is freaking gengjiong one.. cos dunno what will it look like leh..

mm.. quite satisfied la. as i wished. haha... But dunno why ppl keep saying i shouldnt cut this short. Isit look very unlengzai ?? LOL.. but the point is, is comfortable and is so .. cool! Somemore my colour is still very obvious..HAHA

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