March 23, 2009

S.T Shine in Taylors

Dont noe should i said v 'shine' or not. Haha
S T - Sandra and Tuck
Well, last friday we performed for Taylors Model Hunt 2009 event in the Taylors Multi Purpose Hall. Dunno la. I donot feel great for all the things v done. Can say like, went with a hyper mood, left with a normal mood.
Should be inverse right? >< face="verdana">Went home after ate and started preparations like warming-up, practice lyrics, etc. Sandra rang me up arround 4.10pm after she came back from her tuition then we go MPH to have the last minute reherseal of our performance.

Ele n his gang were having their reherseal when we reached. V quickly set up our laptop n test the audio n mics.GOD BLESS THEM<<> the mics in the MPH is a dumb. NOOB mic which ever seen. The volume of the mic can be disappeared at any time gewo. V tried the mic but it really do not work well. Nt choice, we still run the whole performance once.. We told the PA group and the technician about tat problem.. they said they will try to fixed it. But their promises were ..

For the performance, the mics still unfixed yet. Well, v do not have choice but sing with it. Thank God we still can perform it smoothly without any distractions, accept for those PA group ppl.. dunno why they started the music so late, me n Sandra stood on the stage for a period of time and did nothing >< (wtf) thats all lol.. actually no big achievement but is simply a great experience to us la. At least we have more memories in Taylors. 

aiyerr fixed yr sound system in MPH sin la

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