March 06, 2009


As im going to have a singing performance on the 20th march for the model hunt event.. Me and Sandra went Neway to practice our song.
V went there arround 3pm. Wow, it was really differents with what i have expected. I assumed it was more or less the same as kbox in ipoh.. but what Neway is like, luxuries! haha
Damn yeng whey~
The whole design of that place is like a Japanese hot spring kinda style, u cant imagine how nice it is. The room is so.. class. the feel is like u r in yr house's living room. Sofa, coffee table, plasma tv, etc...N the toilet, full of mirrors, even the place where men shoots, have mirror as well. haha.. weird la but overall nice oso. Just tat like u can see ppl shoots when u shoots at the same time.. lol..
Well, After ordering our drinks n snacks,v start singing.
Sandra is quite a good singer eh. V sang alotz of songs, esp duet songs. I did enjoy myself very much. Some songs we sang till very funny. Like ended up with wrong keys n out of tune.. and is like.. screaming hell .. haha FUN!
N another is, is quite cheap. 2 ppl is like 33.40 only, including all bills. WOW.. worth~
Start to love this place ldy. haha.. but too bad. my sore throat have servere ldy.. like sudah ada lubang di sana.. wuahaha.. wanna recover asap!

thE SinGerS ~


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