May 11, 2009


Finally, the AS started ldy. And my laptop is not available for a few weeks. But, i still managed to write blogs in the school library. HAHA..
Well, today i had my Thinking Skills paper1. 30ques, 1n a half hour.
It was not that bad, but i have not done 3ques of calculations haha.. just simply shoot answer for them. But after discussion with friends. I think i shooted some correctly. Thank God.HAHA
Tomorow is Maths n TKS again. Sigh, i have addicted to Restaurant City!! OMG~ everyday thinking how to increase my budget, how to keep them busy. how to earn the maximum profits.haha.. It wont help my exams either, but it tends to reduce some stress.

Hmm, taylors pc dont have chinese to type, so have to type english for few weeks lol.. 19 May is arround the corner, i simply wish it would come faster. I want to make a wish.

mm.. time for maths!


昱渊 said...

recommend u this site

coz UNITEN discriminating chinese
dun even have CHINESE input-ing driver in the lab comp.

damn them and u enjoy when blogging in campus lol

♠ L.y.d.i.a ♥--๑•ิ.•ั๑ said...

thankfully you din post anything about the exam questions...if you post it between 24 hours of the exam and cambridge notice it...wew...the worse to come is you'll get disqualified...

ei, I'm playing RC everyday also..wanna trade anything???

C.boudville said...

heyy!!!!all the best=D

Tuck said...

tuck 2 yuan:
Oh thanks man. i will try it~

Tuck said...

tuck 2 lydia:
haha.. no more thinking skills!
No more damaged brain cells~

Tuck said...

tuck 2 carol:


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