May 15, 2009


Phew, finally.. made a decision to myself. Dont know whether can stand till next week. But i will try my best la. I want to keep myself away from Restaurant City. Gosh. this is too addictive to me.i cant even focus on my studies once i start thinking of my restro. I will closed my restaurant until i finish my exam on tuesday.

Arrghh.. abit childish la me now.

Well, is MAY. I absolutely love MAY alotz.
Lots of things to be look towards to. Friends Birthdays, Teacher Birthdays, Relatives Birthdays, and myself of course, Mothers Day, Teachers Day, Labour Day, N oso, ur birthday. haha.. chi sin.
lots of plans to carry on this month oso. Seriously after the exams, i wanna Extremely Makeover myself 1st. Currently seems like ''living in a world with no air''..... with improper ways n styles.. nerd--lame--any more bad attid. Cannot like that ldy, if not cannot find girlfriend leh, i wont be alive then. So, plans start with hair and fashion.. will start on 19th may.. Hopefully i wont overbudget for this freaking operation. I planned to spend Rm2k for all this.. sound so bai gah right? Wait wait.. included ipod touch la.

Ok. 3more days to go.. hope it comes faster, hope miracles will happen, hoping.. with joy.

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