May 07, 2009


Surprisingly, i have a wonderful dream yesterday. This is
because, i dreamed you.
I have quite a long time didnt ever contact u, sms u, call u, but yet my mind was able to dream u

yesterday. I was totally surprised.
Is true. I dreamed we r with a gang of friends in a hall of dunno what school is that. Full with small kid kinda students inside the hall. You n a few friends of mine said u guys came to pay me a visit, and celebrate my birthday. I noe i was happy in the dream..
Dunno why, v played hide and seek in the hall.. You told us u will be the cat n we will be the mouse and hide in anywhere in the hall. But u told us not to hide in 2nd floor. i dunno why.. u said got something not good there.
Well, i managed to hide in the door near the entrance of where u r counting 1,2,3... i thought the nearer the more safe. After all, my dream stopped here after the alarm was rang.
After i awaken from it, i felt a little bit upset. I felt the feel back ..

Is just very simple reason, because YOU are my daily torns.

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