May 13, 2009


Today had my Mathematic P1 and Thinking skills P2.
"As Usual", i cant sleep again in the nite before the exams. 1st day like that. now second day like that also. Did i feel stressed or what? i dont think im in stress. But other than this i couldnt find a reason for why i cannot go into sleep. Neither im nervous. Anyone who know self-hypnosis? Teach me teach me!Well, both the papers taken in the so called GAL room. 1st time been there. There is nothing special.. just sort of preparation room for the performers in the MPH hall.. kinda cool la. can look down c ppl's nervous expression. If u got good eye sight, u can even see ppl answers also. haha. Maths was so easy. 1st time i managed to run thru all ques half an hour earlier than the due time. BUT, for thinking skills paper, i just have 1 word to describe - INSANE! Format diff, mark delegation diff, long passage,.. argh.. i sked i cannot score it. Most of my answers are 50:50. sei lo, worry like hell.... hope wont get C la.. pls..
GOOD NEWS is- no more thinking skills in my entire life ldy, hurray! Thinking skills is no longer in sem3. V do not need to kill our brain cells so frequently ldy. good~
Mm.. since i dont have exams anymore for this week, i blogged with my laptop. and... started playing RESTAURANT CITY! man.. this game got caffein isit? I truely addicted, play non-stop .. i dunnno why. Stupid la. haha.. ppl studying n im playing game.. wth, stop playing anymore TUCK!!! !!!

at the end..
still playing ><

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