August 19, 2009


When you see this word, what comes to your mind?
What kind of feeling u got? Sad, happy, emo, boring, annoyed, ng song..
For me,
I feel like there is a heavy stone in my bloody brain
I feel like blogging now eventhough im busy
I feel happy to have someone's concern
I feel sad for something.
Feel. Feel. Feel. Everything included Feels

Another normal school day in Taylors. Once again i skipped the 1st Econs lecture in the early morning. Bloody sunbath in Subang area is toturing. Feels bad. If im a girl i will definitely carry an umbrella anytime with me to avoid getting extra headache from Mr. Sun.
Well, hang in my resit form for Econs today. At that moment my wallet become lighter, my mind capacity reduced, my leisure time in sloping condition, and peer pressure went up. It is a compulsory thing to do to get an A for overall marks. I need the A desperately .. haiz.. no doubt i can be kia su in some ways. haha.. Keep worrying about myself will infected illness since my headache seems not going off that easy. I rest too much everyday because of this and too bad, panadol active fast do not help that much. Hope get a call from.. haha.. but is impossible. If this happened i think i will gonna recovered automatically. Haha.. soh zai..
Feeling odd nowadays. My Alevels life in taylors will gonna end soon but recently something bad happened in my college life. I dunno what to do, how to solve and when can end all this. I hope i will have a happy ending of my college life.. hopefully it is. Want to have fond memories with all my friends in school, subang and kl. Well, i wont be expressing everything from my brain from now on to reduce any uncertainty that might happen, you never noe what will gonna happen tmr, later or next coming hours.
Peace v^^v

Gonna start work again ldy.. chiao guys~~

Meaningful quote..

1 comment:

=Purple TeenG= said...

That is a meaninguful quote....

anywa, dunno what happen to you and everything..
you know all your frens will be there for you..
especially my besties, which is your mei... =D

all the best to you..
put that quote in your mind always...

aza aza phaiting... XD

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