August 15, 2009


Well, Business Club keeping me busy for the whole week.
Yupe.. thats the one "WISH UPON A CRANE"!
Although feeling odd about the whole work. Yea, frankly speaking that many many unfavour stuffs going on during the production, preparation, management etc. But somehow, it runned kinda smooth~
Cranes~ which people believe those will bring miracle that make your wish came true.

I was in charge of the ticketing with Sandra and two other staff. Yea distributing booklets, sell ticket and say WELCOME. Also, help Bryann on selling foods and drinks beside. helping each other..

Thanks for lydia who willing to spend sometime and money for the show. "ALONE". I was worrying her and scare she will be bored, cold n sleepy. haha.. but luckily she still fine. Thanks girl! ^^ Well, keep ffg from ppl is more than normal ldy. I wasnt get used to it but somehow thousands aeroplane i have got for these days. why ah? Am i that scary ah? XD
first him, then him, then her, than her oso, then..
Haizz. why ah..
i have no idea.

thousand cranes are flying oooo...

Well, the play is nice seriously. Nice story line, nice costume, make up and tracks. But i think there all too little character, props are cincai, and the song always use back the same one. Is kinda.. like, har? these song again ah? HAHA.. then wenda's gang funny though, keep smiling the white spirite dancing taichi wo. haha..

me n ming XD

Mm, everything is done. Phew.. now, have to FOCUS ON MALL AND TRIALS.


jiteeng said...

hei... sorry that i didnt get to go.. lol......
My parents were here for the weekend also.. lol...

hope that you enjoy...

awqw said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TUCK said...

Oh is ok ..
thanks oh..
hope u enjoy urs too ^^

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