August 21, 2009


Whee! Feel like blogging in this half an hour before going for movie~
HEHE.. bit hyper now. Cos long time didn go watch movie with frens lurr.. yeappie!

As usual go class and tuition until 3pm. Well, was surprised and amazed by this student called Ms Yvonne Tew which was student of taylors 6years ago. She is really godlike people:
doing degree of law in Cambridge
doing master of law in Havard
tutoring in UM about law now
going to do PhD in Cambridge
high achievements ~(not really noe bout the exact term)

Walao~~ is so so so fulled-brain student. Can go both places with top ranked university in US and UK. what the hell. I supposed she was those nerd, that always study study, no doing other stuff and similar with those typical one. but but, i was wrong. Surprisingly she is also a pretty girl oh! Yea once u see her, u will noe it. She is like shining star with a very bright future. I m envying her!
Well, impressed by a phrase from her when Ming ask her about her daily routine:
''Actually i dont spend whole day studying, i used to spend 3-4hours per day for academic only"'
"Spending long hours in studies are not the key factor, something that take 2hours to finish, you usually will spent the whole afternoon for it"
"Thats why i got lot time to do other things. It depends on how much are you focusing on the things u r doing"

I think i learnt something. Although i heard this for thousand times, but somehow, i think i did fully noe what should i do now
Haha. taylors is really full of miracle and amazing people.
I will never regret that I been here for my pre-u studies.
Going pyramid to watch UP! Yea~~

Another day means missing you for another day..
blek X

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