August 13, 2009


Is a bird, is a plane! but where is pauline and zac?
wuaha, is a lame opening tough XP.

Well, yesterday was my school charity day, something like a food fair, selling foods, games and stuff. For me? im helping my business club selling baskin robbins at a corner near cafeteria. I was surprised that, someone is not arround to help out eventhough there is no class for the day. Well, i supposed, they r kia su ppl. haha.. come on, eventhough the no.1 student is standing at the booth there selling cups. haha. u think these two hours will make u fail A2? haha..
Well, diff ppl got diff thinking la. we cannot say that they r wrong oso.

Ok let's talk back about the day. Everyone loves charity day! haha, because there is no class for 9to1pm.. woohoO~ hang arround with frens and buy this buy that during the time.. I was excited and yet, love to hunt something in the crowd. haha.. u should noe what i mean XD. Suddenly girls from my class rang ele up. They asked us to accompany them to go Vampire house. hahaha.. as so we went in. I was not being sked, but make joke on them. THEY ARE NOT SCARY AT ALL! Haha, i wonder why someone screaming inside.. (for what oh). the vampire doesnt look like a vampire. the props are very cincai.. haha. lame though. wasted RM3..

Hearsay, Baskin Robbin is always the best seller. It was a success to get the ice-cream at a cost price which is 2.50. we managed to sell it at rm5. Although working hard to sell and no going to get any money, but i dont care about that since it is for charity. If my effort worthwhile to save some patients which are suffering kidney failure, then is good enough ^^
Yea, it reminds me about Krispy Kreme. I failed to get it for the charity day. It was all my fault that i couldnt have a chance to talk directly to Ms.Jac. I tried, n tried, but at the end no reply. mm, btw, at least i did do the best. Hopefully, ele could get the sponsor from KK for the Battle of the Band too. All the best bro.
People do give help to each other. I supposed frens do the same thing. haha..
Its been a busy day for me. I was totally exhausted after the maths class at 1pm. Quickly went back to have a good rest.


1 comment:

=Purple TeenG= said...

BASKIN ROBBINS !! kekekeke..
nice of you to help out =D
some people wun do that de er...
so sad to heard that..

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