September 12, 2009

HoliDay 01 in Ipoh~

Welcome back to ipoh baby!
Hehe.. started the day in ipoh with a fight with my brother of course. My little brother always asking for a fight with me. To see whether he got improve onot. Haha but too bad, he still lost! XD
Well wake up at about 10pm today. The 1st day usually dont feel like.. studying? Yea alright i admit that. I didnt study for the whole day today. Im doing stuff like, surfing net, watching drama, ps2-ing, eat sleep and go out. It was totally wasting time, but somehow, rest is just to regain energy to work in future. [excuse] HAHA!
Yet had a great meal with Kay an Siong Yee in Japanese restaurant, Akamomiji in Ipoh Garden. The food there is nice, delicious. But still Ten Good is the best so far. HAha~ Sei yeh kay wong today dunno what happen dy, the whole day act like someone who broke, then always staring at non living things and dreaming. Haha... is all bout her superman.. Then for Siong Yee, is a girl introduce by Kay. Which i should know her last time when we tuition in Maziah. lol.. new fren nice to meet you.
Too regret that no chance to take picture with Kay n Siong Yee today. Kay seems not in good mood to take photo n siong yee abit too shy. Hehe.. nvm still got next chance one. Next time we head to another japanese restaurant k? XP

Akamomiji Ipoh Garden West

Claypot Udon i have. Nice^^

After that was planned to visit my bro SengLoon, but he is preparing himself goine a concert in his girlfren church. As so im heading back home since there r nothing else to do.
Thats what i did for the 1st day, should be in Tesco now with family but i choose to rest at home cos tmr im going mountain climbing! YEA!! Finally got time to go. Hope it will be fun! kk tomorow will update pics in here...

Gonna sleep by now.. Good Nite Ipoh. XP

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