September 13, 2009

HoliDay 02 in Ipoh~

Good morning Ipoh!
Well waking up at 5.50a.m. to get ready myself for the day. What else? Bukit Kledang go go go! Hees well waking up with a sleepy face, thank god that my hair wasnt that messy so no need to wash it in the early morning. Leong pick me up about 6.30am and so we r now heading to Menglembu. Go GO Go!
Frankly to tell u guys that im still Kledang Mountain virgin although i've been live here for years. Haha but after today im not!
The process is really... tiring. We have a great time to chat during the walk and talk many nonsense.
Anaconda in the forest come out?
Dinosour tree?
No girls to see in this early?
Cute doggie arround?
Lmao. Enjoying though. Since there are almost steep road everywhere. We are sweating like hell although there r no sunshine. Believe it when u r walking up to the top, u never noe how long it takes and it seems long. Me and Leong took about an hour to reach the top. Whee! Wake up so early and walk up till half-dead just for this moment. Achievement. Haaha. but actually is not really that proud of la, there are so many people there too, even we saw a chiwawa shiting there. Haha.. Also, there are quite alot of people facing the hills and start shouting with high pitch. Leong said they r trying to destress worr.. And is normal to see people doing it. Next time when we r stressed we should come too. Bring some drinks come too. Promise ya Leong!

The view Ipoh town from the top

Beauty of Nature

Well we cant sit for long as is going to rain there. We walk fast down to the hills and he told me it should be easier compare with climbing up. YEa it is but, we r like trying to keep ourself from rolling down to the bottom by forcing the body to stand straight. Haha quite funny though. Plus the adidas shoe keep on hiting my toes creating heat and friction. Pain man! Not easy. But overall is ok. Im quite satisfied with the journey. haha.. thanks to Leong again

monkeys in Menglembu~

We have our breakfast At Nam Wa after the tiring walk.. Eating dry curry noodles in Ipoh is so much better than in Subang( of course). Rm3.50 per plate and is damn nice! haha. I have the toast there too as well as the prawn rolls..

the prawn rolls...

After that, is time to back home and get some rest. But since i just ate, i opened the laptop n start FaceBook-ing as usual. N Thanks to Lydia im now playing Fish A Fish just like my little brother did. He keep on challenging me until i cant stop playing. Haha.. At last end up sleeping only at 11am till 2pm.
Next things to do was having a nice cup of coffee. My mum told me that there is an incoming chicken always come to our house and shit in the garden. As so, me n my mother planned to attack him once. HAHA, the 1st attempt failed since he ran and fly so fast. The 2nd attempt was, filling water into the plastic bag and throw it to him. At last, i managed to water him with the stong water paip and after he fly to the garden outside, my mum pass me the plastic bag and so i threw it to him. He kena the water and quickly flew away after a 'cocckk' sound. We think we won! But who knows, after a few hours it came back!! n start shiting again..
At night then, i have a nice warm family dinner outside with them, the parents and the siblings. I was not that enjoy when i stare at my.. TUMMY! I have a round tummy now and is so obvious after the dinner. WTH!!
And so, tmr i have planned to go jog like what i did everytime i come back. Tomorow will be a busy day for me. Take medicine, Bowling, Meeting frens, or maybe, Night market. Study? FORGET IT! HAHA.. nola, if forget i will better go n suicide. But as Kaizia said in fb, im feeling guilty too as i didn study in the 2nd day as well. HOW AH? HELP!
Another relaxing holiday.. whee...


[~*Erlina~*] said...

dont care about the tummy lar..
enjoy the holiday gao gao baru think abt it during the A2 exam!

TUCK said...

haha.. see how lo. dun want to be fat ! HAHA

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