September 14, 2009

HoliDay 03 in Ipoh~

Day 3 holidaying in hills city.. Good Morning!
Early in 6.40a.m. forced to wake up early to fetch the brother to school. And then heading to the Gunung View and jog for half n hour in this recreation place. Wah man seriously it is torturing. Have been months didn do exercise like last time here and this time, really hard to jog long. Plus the leg is pain due to the climbing yesterday and so i just managed to jog 2 big round and walk 2 round.

Gunung view taman rekreasi


Feeling hungry after the jog. So went to the restaurant selling Curry Mee again, hearsay the mee there is nice and famous one. I had a plate of dry curry mee again with coffee..

is Rm3.50 again^^

Reach home about 8.45am and start fishing in the room again.. Was totally sleepy again at 10am and so take a nap till 12.30pm then go down to the stairs and read some newspaper. Prepared myself to go out meet Loon and Ching in parade about 1.30pm.. This two fellows too smelly to sit in my car! Walao the odour from their body is super chun. I wonder why the school boys always have this but not for the college boy like me. Sweat too much i guess..
We are heading to Wah Nam kopitiam and took quite long to find a parking. At last, end up parking the car at quite a distance from the restro. Surprisingly, met Kay wong there with her sisters yum cha-ing. So yao yun.. She is so fu hin me that time.. looks like she is lying again there. wuahaha..

Have a cheese bake rise with 2nd glass of white coffee of the day.

Is quite a full lunch and a lite chat with the guys, Loon told me about the preparation of the surprise. He was so semangat to celebrate the so called BIG DAY by him to her. Cant tell here since he wants it to be a surprise. Ching' hair is freaking long, plus when the wind blows the hairstyle is following the direction of the wind. Dude should cut ur hair by now. LOL

After the lunch i need to go fairpark to grab some medicine from Majumder. Is a long queue there fulled with indians chinese and malays. Wah is so '1 malaysia'.. I dont need to become one of them as i m just purchasing some medicine and not for consultation. Ppl are looking at me like, ' go beratur la jerk' .. haha... dei sei
After that heading to Ipoh Jaya to repair my spec and bought some contact lens. The damn spec im wearing now broken by my butt. I had accidentally sit on it last nite and now it got abit bengkok. They said it cant be fixed. I think im going to have a new spec soon.. Levis Sunglasses.. 309 Ringgit~ . Another new stuff wanted to have after visiting the shop. The glasses is so damn chun!
After this i have no other things to do but sitting in front of the laptop and start FB FAF etc. Yet once again i didnt study. PROMISE TO MYSELF. Tmr is the 1st day to start the engin for the finals since tmr dont have any dates. I missed the bowling games today n probably will play on wed.. tmr must study econs! Tmr nite: Samtet library here i come! A tour guide needed. anyone?

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