September 15, 2009

HoliDay 04 in Ipoh~

An Yeong Ipoh in day 4!

Today is a normal day like what i did when free. In the morning, again, jog after fetching that silly brother.. after jog fetch another lazy brother to tuition go and back. Indirectly become half day driver. In the afternoon, was doing nothing but fishing. After upgrade to level 9, i was too tired to open the eyes anymore. So better naping again..

DiY Breakfast. is nt nice

Napped till like 5pm until didnt eat the lunch. Is good for me to slim down leh. haha.. Then was doing sharing with big brother for about an hour about girls stuff. Hope he is fine now. There are no electric supply in boon bak now. Beware!

Something to share of the day..
Planned today to visit my dearest high school at night. SMJK SamTet, once been this place gathered people from different land n places, coming here to find our place and time.
I missed everything in the school. Especially, the so called 2nd house of mine in high school- The Library. I wasnt there since i had graduated, and now is a big change after a big renovation.
Last time was small and nice. Full of study aura in every corner. When there are exam seasons, crowd usually make no empty seats. But now is so much bigger and kinda stuffy inside
Tourist pictures:

miss the steps to the library. I stepped on it almost everyday during high school

A new library. New aircond, new tables, new shelfs, new space, new reference room, new computers, and new commitees. Is so big!

New computer corner. Was a magazine corner last time. but now.. no more warm room to sleep X(

the words are too big la. (entrance to new reference room)

See this in work room. Haha!

My college n my high school. The partners.
Taylors is so eager to 'earn' new students from samtet.

Huh? A new staircase connecting the roof? For what purpose wor? i wonder..
Weird la. sommore is this kind of old-style one. To save space.. Zadou gau gau

Huh? Why Julin is in my school wan? Oh.. she is helping taylors promote the school. Haha.. found her in the notice board. Now everyone knows her.

Thanks to my tour guide, FishHead the 39th ex Head Librarian n oso my librarian gang fren. Chui sui with him non stop about all the stuff of the libary, looking at photos took during the renovation of new library, hard work they did, annual dinner, gm, etc.
Have a very nice chat with him and oso updating myself about current samtet from him. It was too much of sad cases now, either the academic achievement or koko. but Koko looks even worse. New head librarian was expected doing his job like a kid by him, Mrs Chee the teacher advisor is not going to lead the librarian board anymore.. and so on. Hopefully, someone can save Samtet la. Too many unmature students in the school now, most of them are not practically efficient. Choir is a good instance.

The new basketball court in the school. Is impressively big! Is so nice if i could play some games here..

After a long chat in the school with FishHead, we headed to Tong Shui Gai and continue our blow water section. We chat about girls, esp the one that impressed me. Ho Kar Mun, my past classmates which noe him since i was small kid, currently having relationship with the school best pretty girl. Surprisingly effective. Hate the other topic with him about ghost. Dont wish to talk here either cos it is a real incident.

Tata.. thats all. Missing good old days in samtet.. missing my frens, teachers and girls. Hopefully samtet can have a better future in deep.... I LOVE SAMTET


Jessica Shim said...

hey bro, good update me about Sam't been visiting the school for quite sometime already...hehe...thanks for the info as well~ ^^

TUCK said...

Luckily i managed to c ur comment since this was posted so long ago.. Yeap samtet changed alotz. U should pay a visit when u r free

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