September 05, 2009


Is been a great time to studying in Taylors College. When people say A2 arround me, is shows yea, putting a full stop on Alevels soon. Suddenly think that, the last day of school before the A2 final, how will it gonna be to everyone? I think, it will be a heavy one to say GooDbyE
Hopefully can take pictures with all the people i know in the school, both students and lecturers.

Yea time always past too fast,
Let me think back the older times in Subang.
The 1st day arrived at Subang, seeking for Aunty Elaine house. Mother busy cleaning the room. Father was sleeping on my bed and my brother was helping me to pack my stuff.
The 1st day of school. I was arranged to a PE class. Im worried that i have gone to a wrong field, dont have frens arround me. Busy preparing documents to go in PB class.
The 1st day meeting PB6. 1st friend was Justin Ravi Choo. I dont know anyone yet. Blurr, helpless, and anti-smoker.
The 1st lunch together with PB6. Almost everyone is there at Noodles station having good meals and chat to know each other better.
The 1st test was given by Ms.Chian. A class test of econs mcq. I still remember that time she was putting up a big clock for us to see the time on the screen.
The 1st group assignment from LAN. We sing Unity Song togehter and pratice together. it was so fun and no ones in the group will forget this i think. And we get the highest score in the class.
The 1st good friend in Subang. She used to be the one who always sit together with me before i drop Accounting.
The 1st celebration of classmate birthday, Paey Yee and Da Wun at Mcdonald.
The 1st housemate, Kai Zia from Stiawan.

And now,
The last day- probably 09/10/09. Everything will come to the end. Our path will continue going on in own direction from the intersection point. It might not be intersect anymore. Some will go back to overseas, some continue in local and some move abroad.

Just wanna say, no friendship is forever linked. Tressure the moment of intersection.
Nevertheless, still wanna say:


=Purple TeenG= said...

"no friendship is forever linked"
agreed a lot...
secondary friends are all studying in different places...
Pre-u frens are way back in malaccaa.... miss the, a alot...
later degree frens will go out working.... might not be working in the same firm...

All sad ending.... =(

TUCK said...

Not really all geh..
sure got some is good ending
but is abit small porportion lo
be optimistic lo.hehe
if not later emo like me nt good

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