May 12, 2010

APRIL 0F 2K10 1/2

REALY SOOOOORRRRRRRRRRYYY guys that keep delaying post. As u can see im totally missed up the post for april which is kinda dead right? Haha.. too much happenings in this month becos i had no time to update my freaking blog.. kehee..

So how u guys going on with life?
Hope everyone of u have a good time enjoying urself.
Hmm let's see, recalling everything that happened last month wei! not easy ok? However, it's all nothing but architecture life!
Early of the month to the end, it's just non-stop doing models, modulars sketches, plans and 1:1 scale designs.
1st group assignments was the Hide n Peek concept model. Grouped with Lili and Charles. We work hard for that but unfortunately SOMEONE who not contributing any even till the presentation day. SOMEONE even blame us that our work is not good during presentation n SOMEONE said he/she can do it better. We r like wat the fuck? My another group member scolded him/her and we all pissed. Rumour was being spread that I have caught fight with him/her. HAHA! Neither happy nor angry. I just feel sorry to him as i cannot work with him/her.

Then 2nd project pop up after 2 days. This is the study model entitled Celebration place in Taylors college. We need to use some simple modular material to make up a big piece of designs that suits the concept of celebration. Our designs r about to creat shadows by the sun shines on our modulars.. the modular unit will be the fruit wrapper. We used the straw to represent it as 1:25 scale.. When the wind blows, the modulars will have motion effects as well as the shadow that add on features of our designs. How isit look like to you?

Celebration Study Model

human scale

Well we had a great presentation with our study model . Me, Kathy, Yuki, Ee Von n Joseph as a group n we gained compliment from Mr.Ooi (lecturer). Everyone felt great after that..
Well, about 4-5 ppl in a group of total 150 students of our course. therefore there r like 30 models. only 15 models r being chosen. We r happy that our design is one of the 15 ^^. Since the wrapper is from Yuki's idea, she will be the group leader of our 1:1 scale project. Students of foundation had joined our group. Joseph n Eevon was being split up to another group.
Well it's my first time to have grouping with ppl which previously from found. Well firstly it was going NOT-TAT-SMOOTH la. Have some misunderstanding with them i supposed. I was not arround while they had their met up during the 1 week break. i was in Ipoh to help out my choir for their concert thing. They thought im like 'not doing any work'. I did about 50 modulars in Ipoh but at last was not accepted for some reasons. dunno why. that time i feel freaking sad about n feel being left out. Haha.. Luckily there r still someone i could talk to when i m like dunno wat to do.
Tat time was really sucks. Thankfully it was just a short period. Slowly i gained their trust of my ability i guess. hehe.. N we did work hard together fot a freaking week, staying over in the college, weekends work in college, and 9am-9pm work. LOL..

Still sewing until late night X.X

The final installation was in last monday.
We r really happy after everything is done! It's like.. phew, finally can have a good sleep. haha!
Then it's Pulau Redang time on tuesday. We r going there for like a study trip. Check out the next posting k!

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