May 03, 2010


Sorry guys! Its been awhile of my last updates of my bloggie.
Really sorry to say but i got problems with my laptop, which is
the keyboard spoiled as so, normal typing is freaking hard to do.. till now it wasnt get fixed. No choice but doing this in school computer lab. HEHE
Oh well, last month was really busy month as like an asshole. I could have be dead if i never hold tight my breath. Imagine sleepless nites, heavy workloads, relationship problems, misunderstanding between groupies.. All comes at a time. Imagine that just like the final judgement day. Haha.

Oh well, though there was a week of break. At first it was good, as u can feel that way u're being with ur family n frens in hometown, having fun n do stuff as u always do. But then, studio work never stop producing in the holiday as well. N then, u thought that u can have a good time with the one u loved and be hanging out for once in a while. Always think there's a chance for u both to get closer and be the best u can. But reality kills ur dream. Just like, when u re having fun up high ih the hot air balloon, suddenly u r forced to come down immediately for no reason. Fuck it. can u feel the pain?

After the break n u think, oh i put in my effort n hope to get understanding from others. Lighting strike on ur heart when u know that what u did is actually not acceptable. from something to NOTHING. Oh once again, can u fuck it off?

Life can never be silent as u can think it could. Thank God that i could pass thru all this n now, im able to sit down here, complain all the shit that happened. I was once thinking about abandon the course and start a new life again in business field. However, there are just like trying to escape from facing the stress. After all this, u know that u're actually bastard. Trying to skip whatever u r not comfortable with. Arent it possibly making sense? ah, dont tell me u wont

Whatever. April is gone anyway. New challenge is waiting for me in Redang. That will bring me to the next level. Hope so!

A post for april soon will be posted. Thanks for the wait! :)

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