May 12, 2010

APRIL OF 2K10 2/2

Having my wonderful leisure in Coffee Bean all alone now and start blogging. :)

Second part of my post is simply talks about what i have done during the 1 week break in Ipoh!
Well, after the celebration model and some design com assignments, finally we have our very 1st week of break in the middle of 1st semester! Yea right going back ipoh for sure. Called taxi to come n pick me up like 3pm on Saturday. Before that, was meeting up with fiishey in sunway pyramid! Guesss what, BBQ Plaza ! hehehe.... Still rmb i was complaining to her the night before on the phone telling all my stress n happenings. We had a great time chating n of course makan!

Well after the nice lunch she fetch me back to ridzuan. last minute packing again.haha.. Bringing all the dirty clothes back to hometown.
the same day at late night, Loon, Jin and Sk asked me to go for movies at 11pm. yea right thats my 1st time watching movie tat late. We watched Clash Of the Titans in JJ and it's simply spendid! It brought my interest about the Gods and finally ended up buying Piercy Jackson pirated DVDS. Haha. But still Titans is better for me XD.
Then during the long week, PS2-ing, outing with KenglEong, doing fruit wrapper, and so on, the best thing is back to choir. I paid visit to Samtet choir ever when i m free to check out their practices for their concert with MIA ladies choir. Hao Phin was so inconfident to conduct the choir. He still need some courage to become a good one. This batch is actually full with potential. Too bad that seniors like Jiayi n Karkit wasnt arround to tutor them. if not, they might have a good year of competitions.
Well at last, MIA LAdies came to Ipoh on the particular of concert. Yikhoe, Kevinder and wilson were fetching them from bus station to the school for reherseals. Met with Carol and DimSum again. Woo so many girls! Haha..
At night the concert was really good. Both choirs did a good job. At first, the concert was distracted by the lousy PA system with some weird vibration wave on the mic. But it was fixed later on. Still rmb what that shocked me is the little boy i knew, Lam Hua Wei who taking the emcee job for the concert. N he is now form5. last time when he was in bowling club, he's just an innocent form1 guy.

MIA Ladies Choir

SamTet Choir

Thats the little boy HuaWei that i talked about!

Seniors+ushers!! love this pic!

I really enjoy to work with the choir and had alota fun that night. Simply u guys rox! Love yea!

After having all the fun, thats my 1st time ever staying over in a hotel at Ipoh! HAHA the ladies r staying over there n 4 of us, me yikhoe kevin n wilson r there to become securityguard. HAHA! Actually nothing la we did nothing but have fun there. HAHAHA.. then the next day we had breakfast with Sussana n Pn.tong at Meng Kok DimSum after sending the girls to bus station.
My holiday ends here. Im going back to KL after the breakfast n it's really a wonderful break for me. Eventhough i was tat sick, but i still enjoyed myself. Really thank for those frens tat actually there for me everytime i need them. Just to say, a BIG THANK YOU! :)

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-phin ven- said...

never mentioned abt me also...
summre stole my pictures never say thx...
good blog ^^

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