May 28, 2010


Thankfully it was a really great rest from the busy life.
So was awoke about 11.45am (since last nite blogged till late like 3am) Yeap made up my mind to pay a visit to this holy place like SJBA (SubangJaya.Buddha.Association)
This was really a great start of a day when i was in the hall. I can feel the difference of how ppl used to celebrate Wesak Day is some kind of different way than Ipoh langs did.

Ahh was really crowded when i have just arrived the place. Heavy crowd and traffic jam. The taxi drivers terpaksa to drop us few meters away from the place to avoid the jam.
I was not alone but accompanied by Jordan, my housemate in Ridzuan residence. I was abit surprised when i was there since it was like a English Society or something. They were so technically INTERNATIONAL since all the words r in english. I've not expecting tat though which ppl usually do tat in chinese word.

Ooh..No Chinese Language?
Whatever tat wasnt really matter, the importances are to pray and get blessing from holy Sakyamuni. I have done 1st, 'wenxun' to Buddha Sakyamuni then followed by the blessing ceremony in the hall.

We were queuing for our turn to go in. We got our flowers and donated some money to the association. I cant wait for it since i was 1st time here n ready to experience it. Surprisingly what i did lasttime is really diffrent from this. Words from the sifus, totally new for me. I have no idea but i thought there were in real language of how they should be. Niway i was seriously halfly-informed but felt blessed from the sifus. Amitabha

Happy Birthday dear buddha. Thank you for every blessing that u have gave us to stay strong and cope our life with hopes. Without everything from u i know i wouldnt have do things right.Amitabha.

Oil lamp of the day: May my family n i are blessed under Holy Buddha.

Had my day continued with the great movie Prince of Persia.

Really Found This interesting. It was well story telling with some nice actions and climax. U guys should really watch it. Niway.. It's my very 1st time to visit GSC in submit. Actually not bad la XD.

Oww.Bought some new dvds. GLEE and Next Station of LOVE!
And it's a day of herbivore :O ended kinda fast.
Just now was so semangat to watch the result show of grand finale of American Idol 9!
Ahhhhh..Crystal lost! Once again the ladies are defeated. Well going Lee. The guy who always smile with only one cheek up.haha..he is talented la though he was abit disappointed in the grand finale!
Sleeping tiME!

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