July 13, 2010


So guys!! Had a wonderful nite watching the final of SPAIN vs Netherland?
Last nite was really a worth sacrifising of sleep. Initially was planned to go mcD n watch with burgers. But then some of my frens r not free, left to other state n stuff, so just watch at home with two of the frens. Guess what bought dimsum for the match. haha!!
I've no idea which team to support with at first but ended up supporting Spain since my dad have bet for the team. He trusted Paul the psychic octo u see. haha....
Yo so thats it, Robben vs Torres ? WHO WILL WIN THE WORLD CUP FINAL!

funny pic of paul waka waka!

Loon n Fei Fai came to my place at about 12a.m. We had our counter strike session before the match starts. tiktok tiktok it's 2a.m.! There's closing ceremony of FIFA WC with Shakira's performance n some great show like the gigantic newspaper ongoing.
Match started with all the cheers and vuvuzelas sound. There are tons my facebook status showing their excitements over worldcup finals. esp spain supporters are like freaking excited!
So dimsum accompanies all the way during the match.. seriously Spain fighters are good n the Dutchmans are freaking strong in defending their pride. We said there are like 'crabs' running all the way in orange. haha!

dimsum dimsum dimsum dimsum~

First half was abit bored. But still the way they tried n tried are really heart attack. So come the next half. Some blamed David villas nerdness in getting a goal or something. N then the yellow cards that flying arround making us a prank. Come on 14 yellow cards in one game. u guessed it.
OOH THE CLIMAX was the goal. We r so unaware esp Torres are in n we expected there will be penalty. Who knows the bald Iniesta got his teammate perfect passing n goal...!!!!
Seriously we're stunned. N sure cheer!! Thats really fantastic goal n it's superb. There were some who said it was offside but then the slow motion showed it wasnt. So VIVA ESP!!


after the cup giving ceremony the time already 5:30am. We slept for awhile and I woke up at 8am to fetch sis to work. We went for breakfast before they went back. So that's my world cup sensation. How bout urs?

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