July 14, 2010


What a random day to have a movie! Today was so like doing nothing other than starring on the computer screen. So looked up the contact n start asking frens for movie.
The movie time was 11pm n still it's so full that we have to get the 4th row seats.
So let's talk about the movie!

starring Huang Xiao Ming and Zhang Jing Chu

Chinese people will briefly know whats the story are but for this episode is abit out of the real one. Compare to the 1st episode it's more like a freak show than a proper story line. But still it's nice cos it will make u non-stop laughing.

The story is about TongBakFu, the great scholar of the town and 3 other of his frens's stories, each of them got their own personality and their outstanding side. The town is engaged danger due to the pirates which brought some mitoes and scare the villagers to start believing them that they are good. Since its comedy movie, it fulled with craps and some of it are too much. But overall it's still not too bad.

The most funny part that i thought was the scene that all the ladies fall into the river like in piles. HAHA go n watch it urself! XD

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