July 09, 2010


Yea man! Finally the holidays r here for a month! Wao~ after all the hard work and sacrifies, im finally setting down n make myself totally away from stress!(That's like heaven isn't it?)

For the sake of health, i really need to spend more time to make my body better. That could meaning, less yumcha less lepak and less coffee. Perhaps? Exercise are essential for a strong body, now im just waiting the time where i could actually go out and jog again.
Time flies, now it's already mid of July.

More n more frens are leaving to the other parts of the world to pursue studies. Fren like Jin, left to Johor which means less hangout n less blowwater session. Fren like Fisshey, leaving to Manchester which means less singk yumcha n dining. Aah. Fren like Loon, going to Singapore soon which means less sms n less bowling. Are these actually indicate the turning point of all the stuff we have for this moment? I hope not.

Truely, having lotsa leisure now. Haha. Really hope my health can turn into dark pink!!! Haha.. Just had a nice hair dressing, counting the previous TUCK back on track for semester 2!

God, did u guys read the news recently? The earth is really sick. See the temperature itself, how those 'victims' can actually stand for the hot weather of 42C? Insane really. even the road is melting. I can't imagine how bad it can go further. 2012 judgement day is no longer an imppossible.
Damn people, start going green!

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