July 25, 2010


Hello bloggie! It's time to feed u again. Kinda late to update the blog hah
Last Saturday was a day with boredom. Really like sitting at home playstation-ing n online. GuYuk Wen asked me to go for the Japanese festival thingy ipoh. So Ah Gu and Loon showed up too and joined the outing.

Bon Odori is the name for it. She said that the event is usually held in KL and some other countries like Singapore. It's the 1st time that happened in Meru, Ipoh.
So four of us headed to Meru about 7pm, squizzed in my tiny little kelisa.

Extraordinary congestion in the road leading the place. Never expected that much of crowd n Wen said it is almost 800 ppl at the festival in tat arround two basketball courts size big. Imagine tat? Wow cant wait to be there! We reached there around 8pm and its kinda easy to find a parking. I wonder why, the flow of ppl tat going in and coming out r the same? Or isit towards the end already? Didnt care much just follow the flow to go in..
It's really hard to see whats happening inside cos of the human jam, but when we were about to squiz among them, it was kinda disppointed to see almost all the stalls are closing. HAHA! I wasnt expect to come and see them without anything in their booth. Then only i was informed that the festival was started at 6something and now nothing much left! SO FAST!! Aah i dont really feel excited anymore haha..
But still ok cos we managed to see so many kimono girls here n there.. n the best part of the day is the traditional dance part where all of us dance toghether by following the dancers move on stage. Its kinda fun!!

gang of the day + Erica the ex tuition-mate in kimono


Our turn to shake! :D

Actually, there are lotsa food to buy and lotsa things to see just before we went. We should be there abit earlier.. oh well, left expensive bento selling in the lonely booth only. HAHA. Overall it's still ok. At least i can feel the aura and get some qute kimono girls to take picture haha

Since we r so into the Japan's feel, i've decided to take them to TEN-GOOD, which is my favorite Japanese restro so far in Ipoh. I ordered bacon ramen, sashimi sushi and fried octopus.. YES its a great dinner!

We had nothing to do but going back home about 11pm? Seem early right but it's true. haha. Called for the day~

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