August 04, 2012


It was an early-wake-up Saturday morning as I gotta work at the office. My affable boss Shyuan asked us to leave earlier and finish the work at home. Yupp i was free to go eat!

My mind directed me to Tammy's Kitchen again, well maybe a quiche can make the day worth something. haha. It was my second visit to the restaurant and I can't wait for the food. I reached the place like 2.30pm, and was surprised by the crowd inside. Seem that the restaurant had gain some reputation. I noticed some of the customers are here just to try a dish or two but not for a proper meal. So do I.

This time i ordered Turkey quiche. I wanted to try smoke salmon quiche but it was all sold out. No luck. But still looking forward to this awesome pastry.

turkey quiche at 16.90MYR
Expectedly, the quiche is really delicious. A brilliant mixture of turkey breast, sliced mushroom onions, smashed egg and some other stuff that i'm not too sure what are they. The outer layer was little smooth and crunchy. It totally blew me away. And the fresh cut veges are served to balance out my nutrients intake.
I know it was a little expensive but you can always bring a bunch of your peeps and have a try on it. Seriously you won't be regret. They served lot more Western cuisine like steaks, spaghetti, cakes, pies and stuff. Nothing much special on the beverages though.

The place is located somewhere not too obvious i would say. I still remember the 1st time i went, my friend Sheng couldn't find the way nor the location of shop. And the shop envelope was not really inviting, perhaps it gives a low-maintained impression. Well I must say it will be perfect if the owner upgrade his restaurant's ambience and furniture. Do something! But for the food, i would really rate 5 stars for them.

a little details of the restaurant:
No 7, Hala Bandar Baru Tambun 18,
Desa Tambun Indah,
31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
(one of the shoptlots that you can see if you take the road from Ipoh Garden to Tambun, vice versa)
Tel : 6017-487 3728 (Tammy Tan)

Business Hours : 12.00pm – 8.00pm.
(close at Monday  &Tuesday)

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