August 21, 2012


I have never heard of any Seksan's work in Ipoh until I had overlooked a photo posted by my boss about Sekeping Kong Heng. It looks sexy! oyea, it was located at Ipoh's old town, one of the familiar roads that I used to pass by. It quickly triggers my interest to visit the place.

I was lucky to have it opened for visitors like me and my friend. At first we had a hard time locating the entrance of the building ( well frankly it wasn't really obvious ) that we have to go thru a narrow corridor until we saw the wire mesh gate. Friendly receptionist welcomed us and we were allowed to take pics as we wanted.

The 1st thing you will see is a communal space with book shelf, right next to the staircase. alot of built-in furnitures, mostly made up of concrete and metal. The water tap with a big ball made up of concrete had caught my attention. 

It was an old post-war shophouse located at the town. Mr.Ng Sek San and his group were then contributed their efforts reviving the old buildings, putting on new ideas into the deteriorating structure. Yeap you can see greens all over every corner of the building. Smartly arranged. Too bad i could only took a glimpse of the suites unless im going in for a stay. 

The concept was natural ventilation as you can see the suites are well-opened. There's lot more Ng's covers on the cafe, TV room and gathering spaces on the 2nd floor which i found them really cool . Very well ventilated, and there's no AC installed throughtout the building except for the suspended glass bed on the featured room ( too bad the place was closed)

I personally a green lover. In fact I appreciate it very much as Ng was not demolishing the old things but to give them new values. They were mentioned that because of the Sekeping Kong Heng, its neigbouring unit has started their way in renovations and replanning to make things better. The only thing i was wondering is that there's a big space at the back of the house left empty. I heard that it will be used as a craft gallery sort of function. We will see about that very soon.

“What we did was just to add value to them and give them a longer lifespan and hopefully, also contribute a bit to the revitalisation of an abandoned and forgotten part of Ipoh Old Town.- Ng Sek San

For more detailed info, try this link.
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012-227 2745 
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kc- said...


blue said...

just came back from sekeping...its actually quite small and too run down for hotel guests to feel safe staying there..

TuCK leong said...

yea. featured hotels are more on user's experience other than safety

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